Professor Wendy Hall

Wendy Hall, with a master's degree and PhD in Nutritional Sciences, currently holds the position of Professor at the Department of Nutritional Sciences. As the Deputy Head of the Nutrition & Dietetics Department, she is pivotal in overseeing the Metabolic Research Unit and coordinating postgraduate research within the department. Her academic journey includes earning a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, and she actively teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Since beginning her academic career at King’s College London in 2005, after completing postdoctoral research in Vitamin E biokinetics and the cardiovascular and metabolic effects of dietary components at the Universities of Surrey and Reading, Prof. Hall has dedicated herself to advancing nutritional science. Her work primarily focuses on how diet affects lipid metabolism, blood sugar and fat levels after meals, inflammation, and vascular health. She explores the impact of various dietary elements like omega-3 and saturated fats, polyphenols, and overall dietary patterns on health. Additionally, she investigates how diet and sleep quality interplay affects metabolic health and manages skin conditions like psoriasis through research funded by numerous prestigious organizations.

  • She serves as Deputy Editor for the British Journal of Nutrition, Section Editor for the European Journal of Nutrition, and sits on the editorial board of Nutrition Bulletin.
  • Recently in 2023, she was named Honorary Programmes Officer and Trustee for the Nutrition Society, furthering her impact on nutritional science and policy.

Recent Awards:

  • In 2016, she received the Nutrition Society’s Silver Medal
  • In 2018, she was honored with the Faculty Supervisory Excellence Award


  • Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine
  • School of Life Course Sciences
  • Nutritional Sciences Department
  • Cardiometabolic Health Research Group
  • Nutrition & Dietetics Department

Prof. Wendy Hall's contributions highlight her commitment to public health, research, and effective communication, profoundly impacting public health policies and practices in the UK and globally.