Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Review Health engages in selected affiliate marketing programs, enabling us to earn advertising fees by linking to products and services from our trusted partners. When users make purchases or subscribe to services through affiliate links on our site, may receive a commission.

These commissions are essential for supporting the creation of impartial and reliable content, as well as for covering the operational expenses of our platform. They also compensate for the time invested by our team in meticulously evaluating and selecting our affiliate partners.

To ensure that our affiliation does not compromise the integrity of our content, we adhere to the following principles:

Stringent Evaluation: We conduct thorough research on potential affiliates, assessing factors such as their reputation, pricing, return policies, and overall value proposition. Our selection process prioritizes maintaining high standards over simply increasing the number of partnerships.

Editorial Independence: Affiliate partners have no influence over our editorial content or the products and services we choose to review and recommend. Our recommendations are based on independent evaluation and testing, always aimed at serving the best interests of our audience.

Fairness in Reviews: Our reviews aim for fairness by providing comprehensive assessments of both the strengths and weaknesses of the products or services being reviewed. Any content that is sponsored or influenced by affiliates is transparently disclosed to our readers.

Integrity in Recommendations: We are committed to upholding integrity by refusing to feature or endorse products or services that do not meet our stringent quality criteria, regardless of the potential affiliate earnings associated with them.

It’s important for our readers to understand that while benefits financially from affiliate purchases, our recommendations and reviews remain unbiased and uninfluenced by these partnerships. We endorse only those products, services, and retailers that we trust and believe will genuinely benefit our community.

We sincerely appreciate the readership and support of our audience. For more comprehensive information on how affiliate advertising contributes to mission of delivering objective health advice, please visit our complete Affiliate Disclosure page.