Arbonne is not a new name in the health and beauty industry. Established in 1975, the company has cultivated an impressive reputation for caring about and supporting consumer’s skincare, self-image and nutrition goals. In the highly competitive beauty and health industry, it is possible that Arbonne may have gone under your radar. As Arbonne relies primarily on network marketing and peer-to-peer sales, it’s possible that you’re yet to be properly introduced to the company. Here is our unbiased Arbonne review and what to expect from the brand.


Arbonne products: Something for everyone

arbonne product reviews

In order to understand Arbonne products, let’s first dig into Arbonne’s history: a couple of decades ago, Petter Mørck – then a health and wellness professional in Norway – quit his job to focus on developing skincare and makeup products infused with herbs and botanicals that would serve as a safer and more effective alternative to mainstream chemical-laced products. Arbonne first came out with 19 products that Mørck hired independent consultants to market and sell.

Positive reception encouraged Mørck to go big in terms of both product range and geographical footprint. At the time of writing, Arbonne has 200,000 independent distributors – or Arbonne consultants – offering consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and New Zealand over 400 health and beauty products and solutions.

  • Arbonne Skincare: Skin brightening, anti-aging, routine skincare, special cleansers and serums for sensitive skin, gentle moisturizers for acne-prone skin, skin remedies and skin brightening creams.
  • Arbonne Bath & Body: Body treatments, washes, scrubs, soaks, fragrance and personal care item sets.
  • Arbonne Makeup: Cosmetics to enhance facial beauty, from moisturizing lip balms, primers, eye shadow palettes to liquid eye liners, finishing sprays, lipsticks and concealers, as well as makeup accessories such as concealer brushes, facial cleansing cloth, powder brushes and travel bags.
  • Arbonne Nutrition: Pre- and post-workout, weight management, skin support, hydration, immune support, energy, digestive, bone and joints and cleansing supplements.
  • Arbonne Hair: Shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments and conditioners for all hair types and color-treated hair.

Arbonne reviews and general consensus (both here and online) suggest overall client satisfaction, particularly with regards to product quality and selection. Read on to discover the reasons behind the preference for Arbonne products in the vast cosmetics market.





Plant-based products

arbonne plant based product reviews

Arbonne’s USP is their use of botanical compounds as primary ingredients across their product line. While botanicals are generally considered to be safe, plant-based wellness and beauty supplements cannot automatically be deemed effective or non-toxic by virtue of their green label.

Federal law does not require dietary supplements to be tested for safety and effectiveness prior to marketing, which explains the paucity of scientific evidence for various botanical ingredients. However, the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) governing dietary supplements set expectations around manufacture, preparation and storage to ensure quality.

Arbonne’s research and development benefits from a dedicated scientific advisory board, offering consumers the assurance that the potential health benefits and risks of the products have been investigated. Some of the botanicals Arbonne uses in their products have been evaluated in scientific studies. As an example, the company’s beauty products contain sunflower seed oil, which studies have shown, improves hydration and preserves the integrity of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. Some of Arbonne’s nutritional supplements are infused with ginger, which research indicates can improve digestive health and relieve stomach discomfort.

Vegan, cruelty-free beauty and wellness products are on the rise. The clean beauty revolution is sparking an interest in natural and organic products. Arbonne was one among the earliest companies to venture into botanicals-based beauty products, allowing the company to build up and strengthen their research foundation. The Arbonne website lists the 1124 ingredients used in their products. Click on each ingredient to see which products contain the particular botanical compound.



A huge selection of products

large selection of arbonne product reviews

It’s apparent that satisfied customers of Arbonne products go on to buy the brand’s skincare and beauty solutions for their family members. Consultants get attractive discounts on products for their entire family (but we’ll get to that in a bit…)

Clients can choose from a vast range of skincare, beauty and wellness solutions from a single brand. For busy families and professionals, Arbonne offers the convenience of always having high-quality products of daily use at arm’s length. Ordering from the website is simple and hassle free once you have set up an Arbonne account.




Caters to your requirements

If you need to exclude certain types of nutritional products for health reasons, you may want to check out Arbonne’s products. The company is committed to developing gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO supplements for a large number of customers who have exact requirements.



Preferred client benefits

Another reason why Arbonne attracts loyal customers is their generous discount and offers on annual subscription-based purchases. As a preferred client (PC), you stand to received up to 40% off the suggested retail price on Arbonne products annually. You’re also eligible for free shipping and a complimentary gift. Please click the following to learn more about the Preferred Client benefits.



Excellent Customer Service

arbonne customer service reviews

Arbonne reviews suggest satisfaction with the company’s customer service. Their consultants no doubt play a big role in client experience, and testimonials suggest that consultants are effective in helping clients pick the right products and explaining how to use a specific Arbonne product.

The alternative to buying from consultants is to purchase directly from the brand website. The Arbonne site is user-friendly, secure, easily navigable and searchable, and communicates with clarity.

Upon querying customer service during test orders, we found them to be responsive, helpful and accurate. Contacting Arbonne customer service is possible via telephone and email.



Perks of becoming an Arbonne consultant

Arbonne offers its consultants competitive compensation plans, incentives and cash bonuses, including 35% off the products they buy for personal use. Consultants are not subjected to territorial limitations, enjoying the opportunity to sell Arbonne products virtually everywhere, barring a few exceptions online. For more detailed information please see Arbonne Consultant Opportunity Reviews



In conclusion…

Arbonne has been around for over 40 years, managing to progressively grow its distributor network and client base. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association, a trade association for direct selling companies representing 130 companies.

The fact that it operates as a network marketing company should not deter you, whether you’re interested in being a client or a consultant. Arbonne products stand tall on the strength of their quality and green credentials. To make an informed choice, we recommend looking at our Arbonne product reviews or talking to one of the company’s consultants. Get started here.