Finding a make-up range, or a specific makeup product that not only makes you look and feel good, but also keeps your skin feeling nourished and cared for is incredibly important. With so many different brands, products and ingredients available in the make up market today, it can be completely overwhelming. We have chosen to review the Arbonne make up collection, giving you our honest opinions on the range so that you can find a makeup product that works perfectly for you.


Who are Arbonne?


Arbonne is an organisation with a holistic philosophy that connects beauty, health and wellbeing, recognising the connection between having a healthy mind, a strong body and beautiful skin. Arbonne offer a wide range of products within skincare, hair, make-up, bath and body and healthy living markets, so that they can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.



arbonne makeup reviews 2020



Every Arbonne product is plant-based, whilst using strong scientific philosophies, and alongside their holistic philosophies, they ensure that their products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and with high levels of sustainability, ensuring the world is protected for future generations.

One of the reasons we were so looking forward to undertaking the Arbonne makeup review was that we love their philosophies. It is so important to treat your body well, and look after it as well as using products to enhance your favourite features. Being healthy on the inside as well as the outside has never been more important.


What is the Arbonne makeup collection?


The Arbonne Makeup collection is designed to help you enhance the health and confidence that already exists within your body, as well as helping you to protect and nourish your body.  The Arbonne Makeup Collection has a range of different products, focussed on different parts of the face.


Arbonne Face


arbonne face reviews


The Arbonne Face collection has been created to help you achieve a flawless face. When applying makeup, it is crucial to be able to start with a clear and smooth canvas. The Face make up collection helps you to not only create a smooth canvas on which to add other products to, but also ensures your skin remains nourished and cared for. The Arbonne Face collection includes key ingredients such as eyebright, bamboo, irish moss and phytinol, which work together to ensure your skin remains smooth, hydrated, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. The collection contains a range of products, including primer, powder foundation, liquid foundation, liquid concealer, finishing spray, and CC cream, as well as brushes for application.



Arbone Face Make up Collection Review:
We found the Face make up collection incredibly broad, allowing you to choose the products that you would most like to work with, instead of compromising. The primer was incredibly good at reducing the appearance of pores to help create a smoother surface to work on, and the liquid foundation was silky smooth. I would say that the liquid foundation gives quite a full coverage, so for a thinner, more natural look I would opt for the powder foundation instead. The finishing spray is another favourite for us, as it not only helps ensure your make up remains in place for the whole day, but it is also super refreshing!




Arbonne Eyes


arbonne eyes review


The Arbonne Eyes collection has been designed to help you get creative, playing with different colour palettes and enhance, illuminate and define your eyes. The mascara helps you to create a stunning look, building volume and length with each application. However, importantly the mascara is also infused with vitamins, ensuring you keep your eyelashes healthy and thick. The eye shadow palettes are filled with botanical ingredients such as cucumber extract, sunflower seed oil, and more to ensure not only can you create some stunning looks, but you also care for your eyelids, preventing dryness and smooth applications.



Arbone Eyes Make up Collection Review:
We were excited to get our hands on the Arbonne Eyes collection and see if they were better than your typical eye makeup from the high street. We found that the mascara was effective in adding volume and length, and we also found that after a few weeks, our natural lashes felt slightly stronger. The eye palettes came in a range of colours, and were quite smooth to apply.




Arbonne Lips


Arbonne lips review


The Arbonne Lips collection was created to help add vibrancy and long lasting colour to your lips, whilst also ensuring your lips are well-cared for. Each product within the Lips range has been designed with carefully selected botanicals, ensuring that they bring out your beauty naturally, with ingredients such as watermelon, apple, meadowfoam and edelweiss adding hydration, antioxidants and conditioner. The Lips collection from Arbonne includes products such as lip liners, lip gloss, lipstick and a duo of matt lip cream and lip gloss.



Arbone Lips Make up Collection Review:
We were intrigued to see the range of products included in the Arbonne Lips range, and whether they had different benefits. We loved the fact that as well as a classic lipstick, there was also a lip liner to create a striking look, and we found that this lasted all day. The lipstick itself was smooth and silky, and again felt quite durable, as well as hydrating. We loved the matt lip cream that is within the duo product, but didn’t use the lip gloss very much.





Arbonne Cheeks


arbonne cheeks review


The Arbonne Cheeks range has been designed to provide you with those finishing touches, adding a glow to your cheeks and a radiant look that makes you feel good as well as look stunning. The cheek collection has been created with key ingredients including sunflower seed oil, lavender, cucumber and mallow, which combine to ensure your skin remains hydrated, smooth and feels fresh. With products including bronzer, a highlight stick and a glow palette, the Arbonne cheeks collection is the perfect way to add a little sunshine to your day.



Arbone Cheeks Make up Collection Review:
We love the idea of using a simple touch of highlighter or bronzer to add that touch of sparkle to your face, and the Arbonne Cheeks collection did not disappoint. Each of the products was easy to apply, and easy to blend in to ensure no streaks remained.